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Thank you Lord for this memorable day with @honeysweety08.


*St Joseph Parish (Bamboo Organ)
*Shrine of Jesus (SM MOA)
*Our Lady of the Abandoned (Sta. Ana Mla)
*St. Anthony Shrine (Sampaloc Mla)
*Christ the King Parish (Green Meadows QC)
*UST Santisimo Rosario Chapel (España)
*Most Holy Trinity (Sampaloc Mla)

"Knowing God comes through a love relationship with a person. Through this relationship, God reveals Himself, His Purpose, and His ways. Then you come to know God in a more intimate way by experiencing God." -Adapted


The most effective teams are the ones that are combination of introvert and extrovert ones. These two types are DRAWN to each other and REALLY NEED each other… - by theRSAOrg

(I don’t own this video, but it’s worth sharing! Thank you RSAOrg!)

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